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The new product officially announced! "Air Cushion Mask" Juicy Series of Fruits and Vegetables New to Market! Frannic Innovates to Dominate "No Water" Era!


      On March 18, at the launch of the new product of Frannic Mask, the first "Air Cushion Mask" brand new juicy fruit and vegetable mask (including Pak Lei Vitamin B5 juicy moisturizing mask, tomato arbutin juicy bright moisturizing mask, avocado coenzyme Q10 juicy moisturizing mask, grapefruit vitamin C juicy moisturizing mask, cucumber hyaluronic acid juicy moisturizing mask) 5 products were officially unveiled.




      The five new fruit and vegetable facial masks feature "scientific and technological skin care+natural ingredients", which combine the essence and nutrition of natural fruits and vegetables with modern scientific and technological active ingredients to create a scientific and technological ingredient party in natural skin care brands.


Innovation Gene Infusion Brand Growth Motivation

      Since its launch in 2002, Franic has been committed to developing natural and green natural skin care products.  It has developed into a "natural skin care brand" with high-quality natural products and good reputation after 17 years of continuous brand product innovation and scientific and technological leadership.




       From the product itself, Franic has spent several years mastering the core technology of 3.0HyaRosa hydrating without water, so that the hydrating and moisturizing effects of non-water series (rose bud water, rose bud water film series) have gradually gained more consumer recognition. Last year alone, Franic was awarded the "2018 Innovative Marketing Brand" by PCLADY, Rose Bud Water was awarded the 2018PCLADY Cosmetic Billboard Annual Toner "Brilliant Award", Watson's 2018 HWB Popular Skin Products Award, Watson's 2018 Top Ten New Products Award and other honors.


Creating Scientific and Technological Components of Natural Skin Care Brand




       At this new product release conference, Franic's annual juicy fruit and vegetable mask, a blockbuster new product, also has a unique nickname "Air Cushion Mask". The Q-bomb air cushion membrane cloth, which breaks the conventional cognition, draws design inspiration from the makeup air cushion, and uses the special innovative mesh hydroentangling method to bring skin a brand-new experience like air feeling and make skin "breathe" better.




       Select 5 kinds of fruit and vegetable ingredients, extract raw juice, vitamins and minerals needed by the body, skin also needs;  In addition, safe combination of global trend-oriented scientific and technological ingredients, after years of laboratory research and proportioning tests, selects the perfect combination of natural ingredients and scientific and technological skin care, and adds skin care effects.


Use Combination Blow to Promote Sales




      In 2019, Franic will not only do a good job in the technical aspects of the products, but also promote the sales of new juicy fruit and vegetable facial mask products through the intensified publicity of explosive products in the aspects of efficacy, appearance and packaging, as well as the creation of a younger brand.





        In addition, at major marketing nodes, Franic will also expand the product's influence among terminals and consumers through the release of limited-edition new products, live broadcast, and grass planting by traffic stars.