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Focuse 丨 Polypeptide components are commonly used? Uniasia"s New Brand, Gittamy, Opens Skin Care 3.0 Era


      The trend of applying gene technology to cosmetics has been especially fierce in the past two years.


      The specific manifestations are: fermentation, stem cells, nucleic acids, peptides and so on, combined with cosmetics more and more. Among them, polypeptide effective skin care ingredients are also more widely used, and are currently the darling of many cosmetic enterprises to upgrade skin care technology.


      Recently, the high-tech peptide efficacy skin care brand of Uniasia Group, Gittamy, has been officially listed, which indicates that Uniasia has also begun to set foot in the field of gene technology in the skin care sector.





       Scott, a famous British historical novelist and poet, once said: "Time and tide never treat others." Uniasia seems more willing to go ahead in following the trend of the industry.


Polypeptide skin care is the future trend of scientific and technological skin care.

      Before discussing the trend of polypeptide market, we should first understand what is polypeptide.


      In fact, peptides are basic substances in human body and are formed by dehydration and condensation of two or more amino acids. The multi-level folding of multiple peptides forms a "Protein molecule". Generally speaking, polypeptides containing less than 100 amino acids are called polypeptides.


      In terms of skin care methods, polypeptide skin care products are quite different from traditional skin care products. Among them, traditional skin care products improve skin condition from the outside to the inside, while polypeptide skin care products activate cell function from the inside to the outside, adopt polypeptide homologous to human body, regulate and strengthen the self-function of human cells, endow cells with regenerative energy from the root and cure skin problems, and belong to cell-level and gene-level skin care products.


      It can be seen that polypeptide skin care products using gene technology have more thorough effects on skin care. However, this is also the reason why polypeptide components are attracting more and more attention from cosmetic brands.





       In fact, polypeptides are not new. According to Qiu Xiaofeng, vice president (research and development) of Northbell, synthetic polypeptides existed more than 20 years ago. However, the heat has risen in the past two years and has become a trend for the time being. Due to its outstanding efficacy, polypeptide has also attracted the attention of international cosmetics brands. It is understood that products of international brands such as Estee Lauder, La Prairie and Helena Rubinstein already contain polypeptide components.


      From the perspective of the market, the development speed of polypeptide cosmetics is also considerable. The growth rate of the cosmetics polypeptide industry has been kept above 25% in recent years in accordance with the relevant statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics. Among them, the market size of the industry reached 4.1 billion yuan in 2018, more than three times that of 2013.





       Uniasia, which has always been highly sensitive to the market, cannot be indifferent to such huge business opportunities. This is indeed the case. Uniasia has also conducted market data surveys on polypeptide cosmetics and found that polypeptide skin care is a very obvious trend in future scientific and technological skin care. That is, the peptide brand can finally be born, which is precisely the timely understanding and control of this trend by Uniasia.


      Deep scientific research strength is the foundation of peptide's birth.


     Of course, for cosmetics companies, the application of gene technology requires higher research and development, and does not have certain scientific research strength. It is not easy to create polypeptide skin care products.


      For this reason, Uniasia has specially increased its research and development investment, especially joining the world's top polypeptide research and development institutions and skin medicine experts to form the Immediate Peptide Biology Laboratory, which provides technical guarantee for the smooth release of immediate peptide products. In terms of team building, Uniasia is also equipped with many professional and senior personnel in the cosmetics industry. currently, the brand's core personnel have reached more than 30.


      However, Uniasia's scientific research strength has also created a good technical environment for the application of peptide brand to polypeptide components. For example, its internal research and development team includes skin material research and development, formula development, formula research, basic applied research, etc. The Uniasia vitro cell biology laboratory is equipped with various precision instruments, and the newly adopted in vitro cell biology experiments can accurately and effectively replace animal experiments.





      Moreover, most of the suppliers of Uniasia cooperation are the world's top suppliers, such as LIPOTEC of Spain, Stama SEDERMA of France, SYMRISE of Germany, CLARIANT of Switzerland, DUPONT of the United States, ID BIO of France, etc.


      Despite such a solid technical endorsement, the introduction of peptides is still cautious. Peptide brand combined with top polypeptide research and development institutions according to the brand party, before the official goes to the market, after many trials of assault fortified positions and human efficacy evaluation, thus generating the rejuvenation repair patent Mul-petilogy, and based on this, studying the change rule of polypeptide and cell, creating a high-tech polypeptide efficacy brand such as peptide.


That is, peptides, use professional and service to deepen the channels of cosmetic shops.

      The original intention of Uniasia to create peptide brand is to dig deep into the channels of cosmetics stores and solve the channel problems.


      In the current industry environment, the strong development of e-commerce and the formation of diversified channels have resulted in a large loss of customers in cosmetics stores. Many shops want to establish their own advantages, but it is difficult to find a direction. On the one hand, the price cannot compare with the online price, so the advantage naturally does not exist.  On the other hand, some products in cosmetics stores can be found in other channels, so it is very difficult for products to have much difference.





       Whether we introduce some more professional, more effective and more service-oriented products from the specialty of cosmetics stores, we may be able to increase our ability to resist pressure in the competition with other channels. 


      Peptides, which combine polypeptide components with scientific skin care, are obviously quite professional, and the skin care effect of polypeptide components is more prominent than that of ordinary skin care products. In terms of service, peptide products are equipped with home-based intelligent skin care instruments and hospital-based intelligent skin care instruments, and the introduction of light medical beauty programs is of great help to enhance customer interaction and experience. Professional and efficient products, together with scientific and technological skin care tools, are also a relatively novel mode in cosmetics store channels, which can not only play a drainage role, but also increase more possibilities in terms of improving store conversion rate, customer unit price, etc.


      In addition, the current challenges facing the channels of cosmetics stores include rising operating costs and declining profits. In response to this problem, peptide insists on a unified retail price across the country, so as to reduce online impact on cosmetics store channels, ensure the standardization of cosmetics store price system, and improve profit margins.





       It can be seen that in the process of making peptide, Uniasia not only considered the market trend, but also paid attention to the channel demand, basically meeting the demands of cosmetics stores for "good products, new models and high profits". This makes the listing of the peptide brand more in line with commercial rules.


      As one of the "newborns" of Uniasia, peptide will definitely contribute to the new strategic layout of Uniasia after it enters the innovation period.