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Encounter “Charming Prince" Mire, MIO FURMI Facial Cleanser Class Shower Gel Fragrance Comes on the Market


Guide: Skin is dense and fragrant, enjoying wonderful time. MIOFURMI, a brand of high-end amino acid fragrance shower gel, has joined hands with "Mr. Charming" Mire to gracefully interpret the romance and fragrance of the fragrance shower gel, and to open the skin's dream wonderland journey with a pleasant big-name "Gaoding" fragrance.



Mire, chief fragrance spokesperson for MIO FURMI


    The post-90s generation and the millennials are in their youth and have fashionable and romantic "petty bourgeois sentiment". Only younger and personalized products can seize the future of the new generation of consumers. However, most bath & shower products on the market are facing "under-rejuvenation"-not only the efficacy is old, only stays in the basic efficacy such as cleaning, without further care for skin problems, but also the packaging design is old and the selling points of products are not novel enough to attract a new generation of consumers.


      Whether new brands and products want to attract the attention of post-95 and millennials successfully, they must resonate with them in terms of product efficacy, packaging design and derived psychological emotions. The problem skin in our country is growing by 4-6 million person-times every year according to the authoritative statistics of the Ministry of Health . Among the 1.3 billion population, more than 90% of the adult skin is in sub-health state, of which 500 million people are in a state of severe damage to the skin barrier. 90% of Chinese women are suffering from skin problems. In addition, according to the 2017 testing data of iResearch Online Shopping, the current market demand for Body & Hair products mainly focuses on several major fields such as soothing fragrance, sports refreshing and natural ingredients, with the proportion of fragrance as high as 33.5% and the proportion of natural ingredients "21.9%", thus it is not difficult to see that the current natural and mild ingredients and fragrance are the main demands of young people for the efficacy of Body & Hair products. In terms of packaging design and psychological emotion, the new generation of consumers have strong self-awareness and independent personality, pursuing fashion trends. Only interesting, good-looking and creative products can impress millennials and attract young people's attention. 




       The high-end amino acid fragrance shower gel brand MIO FURMI has a deep insight into the consumption demands of the post-90s generation and the millennials, grasps the brand breakthrough, and combines the concept of "facial cleanser class" shower gel X long-acting big-name fragrance shower gel to create a new generation of amino acid fragrance shower gel. With younger color packaging, more natural and mild high-quality ingredients and international brand-name delicate fragrance, it will undoubtedly quickly occupy the TOP shopping list of new generation of consumers and set off a new wave of fragrance shower gel!


Facial Cleanser Class Body Soap to Create Hermè s in Shower Gel Industry

      MIO FURMI amino acid bath lotion selects amino acid skin-friendly formula, integrates multiple concentrated plant essences, mildly nourishes and moisturizes skin, leaving skin in the purest state, light, luxurious and soft. In particular, highly effective hydrating ingredients hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidation coenzyme Q10 are added to double moisturize, repair skin barrier function, increase skin elasticity, and can effectively relieve the long-term tense state of skin caused by external stimulation.




      In order to bring consumers the supreme fragrance pleasure trip, MIO FURMI pursues the extreme luxury and "high determination" experience in the fragrance field. Different from the popular fragrance on the market, MIO FURMI brand has made the pursuit of fragrance to the utmost! All shower gel products are blended by top European perfumers. The same perfume and its manufacturing process are used for the international famous perfumes such as Hermè s Galloping, Lancome Brilliant, YSL Black Opium, Kenzō Takada Flower, ARMANI Beloved, etc. Starting from the different tonality of the front tone, middle tone and back tone, and a variety of fresh flowers and fruits are extracted to plant and extract the improved fragrance, thus creating the "Hermè s" in the bath industry. At the same time, MIO FURMI brings consumers an innovative experience of "black technology". It takes the lead in adopting breakthrough microcapsule technology to lock the fragrance and rub the "raw" fragrance, so that you can release romantic big-name flower and fruit fragrance in the skin touch and touch time and time again and linger around for a long time.




"Mr Charming" brand-new endorsement of Mire

      He is the handsome Health King Toh-bah, the purple pupil of love and sex, and the chief fragrance spokesperson of MIO FURMI-"Mr Charming" Mire, who delivers fashion and youth attitude and fragrance beauty to the brand.


      Mire graduated from the performance department of Shanghai drama college and entered the public's view due to his participation in the TV series "Banshu Legend". "Beauty Manufacturer" plays Zhang Yizhi, a handsome man of the Tang Dynasty. Netizens call her acting skills stunning and attract much attention. From playing the part of the demon king's mysterious pupil in “Demon Girl" to the villain in "Asking For her Hand" whose acting skills burst, there are countless fans all the way, which will undoubtedly bring more attention to the brand. Not only is it highly in line with the brand's images and concepts of "Romantic love" and "Wonderful dreams", but it is also in line with MIO FURMI's demand to deliver "Charming" amino acid fragrance bath products for the post-90s and millennials.


      In addition, MIO FURMI has launched a series of consumer interactive promotion in conjunction with fashion media PCLADY. Including the implantation of Shanghai Fashion Week, the dissemination of well-known KOL videos, the batch of small red-cap trees and grass, etc., the promotion and endorsement of Miaofumi brand's fashion genes will be fully carried out, and the core product advantages of facial cleanser level will be transferred.



MIO FURMI x "Mr Charming" Mire 


Watson's Full Shelf, High Definition Leading Market Trend

      In addition to celebrity endorsements, MIO FURMI, in order to enhance young consumers' understanding of the brand and meet the needs of different consumer groups, based on consumer big data from different channels and combined with the characteristics of different groups, has tailored Watson's exclusive amino acid fragrance shower gel and microcapsule fragrance shower gel for other channels.


      Watson's exclusive "Amino Acid Fragrance" series of 3 shower gel products will be launched on March 28 in 3600+ Watson stores nationwide. MIO FURMI brand revealed that its product line will gradually expand and penetrate into all channels to set off a new trend of romantic amino acid fragrance in the country.


      MIOFURMI Amino Acid Fragrance Series, launched worldwide on March 28, is the birth of true love.



MIO FURMI amino acid fragrance series



 MIO FURMI microcapsule fragrance series