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Three awards, SEEYUONG"s honor is "Voted by the consumer"


      Strive to be the source of a century-old international Body & Hair brand, which has won more than 30% of the domestic market share. In its meticulous marketing thinking, it no longer positions its products as simple shampoo, but as the pursuit of high-quality life.


    The 2019 Meiyi Grand Award, which took 20 days to vote, ended last night in Shanghai. SEEYUONG's Ginger Strong Root Hair Care Series won the Meiyi Grand Award TOP· Care Best Hair Care Care Award. It is noteworthy that SEEYUONG has won this honor for three consecutive years.





 SEEYUONG Ginger Strong Root Healthy Hair Washing and Protecting Series


      How can SEEYUONG, born only five years ago, win the "Panama" gold medal in the beauty industry for three consecutive years? In response, Qingyan interviewed Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Brand Marketing Center. Through his expression, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that the answer has long been hidden in the blood of SEEYUONG brand.



Meiyi Grand Award Earn Great Rewards

      On May 20, the 11th Meiyi Grand Award Ceremony sponsored by China Beauty Expo (CBE) was held in Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel. The "Meiyi Grand Award" based on exhibitions and media and starting from scientific and technological strength and fashion strength has been aimed at commending outstanding benchmark enterprises and brands in the cosmetics industry since its establishment in 2009. At present, Meiyi Grand Award have become the most authoritative category word-of-mouth list in China's cosmetics industry.


   It is reported that the TOP list of "Meiyi Grand Award" is usually considered from the three dimensions of brand sales volume on e-commerce platforms, KOL recommendation degree and online topic quantity, and is selected from the four aspects of product innovation, technological strength, market acceptance degree and design sense.




       As a leader in silicone-free scalp care, SEEYUONG won the "Meiyi Grand Award" for the third time this year after 2017 and 2018. What is the charm of this brand, which has been on the market for only five years, and has won the favor of the jury? Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Brand Marketing Center, made an introduction from four aspects: innovation, scientific and technological strength, market acceptance and design sense.




Zuo Liu received the award for Mr. Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Marketing Center


        Meng Fei said that SEEYUONG put forward the concept of "silicone oil-free scalp care" as soon as it was appeared on the market, creating a development outlet for SEEYUONG brand in the highly competitive market. "Not only that, Dr. Yang Jianzhong, the first person in wash and personnel care in the world, has also joined SEEYUONG's product research and development, injecting a strong scientific research force into the brand. Currently SEEYUONG has 82 innovative patents in all its products."


        As a star item under SEEYUONG, SEEYUONG ginger Qianggen hair care series is the first product it has launched on the market. Besides winning the "Meiyi Grand Award" three times in a row, this explosive product has also won the "2017 Nelson excellence function innovation award". Meng Fei said: "As the only brand that won Nielsen's" Outstanding Innovation "award, SEEYUONG has developed from silicone oil-free to sulfate-free, from flower YOUNG fragrance to essential oil nourishing. It has created category innovation through scientific and technological innovation and continuously climbed to the higher peak of silicone oil-free scalp care technology."


        "I don't think I need to say anything more about market acceptance." Because in Meng Fei's view, the best market recognition comes from consumers, "who will vote directly with the money in their hands". SEEYUONG became the real domestic Body & HairBody & Hair No.1 with a market share of 31.5% in 2018 according to the certification of Euromonitor data. That is to say, 3 out of every 10 bottles of shampoo are SEEYUONG. Not only that, SEEYUONG has also obtained the Euromonitor certification of 2017 national product Body & Hair NO.1.


        Meng Fei introduced that the bottle body design of SEEYUONG's entire line of products came from Korean national treasure designer Zheng Fenglong. "Zheng Fenglong believes that good inspiration comes from good products. And SEEYUONG's natural health, scalp care, and seven non-additive product characteristics inspired his creative inspiration, thus forming a pure and natural design concept.  " Meng Fei said that SEEYUONG is not just a bottle of simple shampoo or conditioner.  It also represents modern people's pursuit of high-quality life.


        This shows that SEEYUONG has outstanding performance in four aspects: innovation, scientific and technological strength, market acceptance and design sense, and the reason why SEEYUONG is favored by the jury is obvious. 



Continue to be the source of market segmentation

      In fact, apart from the above-mentioned four aspects, SEEYUONG has its unique methods in the development of new products and channel building.


      As the pioneer of silicone oil-free scalp care in China, SEEYUONG initiated the first year of sulfate-free scalp care last year, and combined with the characteristics of various sales channels and the personalized needs of consumers, launched five new sulfate product series. They are: sulfate-free fragrance series specially provided by Shopping malls and supermarkets channel, sulfate-free vegetable fragrance series specially provided by Watson channel, sulfate-free essential oil rare nourishing series specially provided by CS channel, sulfate-free deep sea condensation series specially provided by reserve price channel and sulfate-free sweet heart series specially provided by e-commerce channel. 




 SEEYUONG Ginger Strong Root Healthy Hair Washing and Protecting Series


      Different from the operation mode of most Body & Hair brands, SEEYUONG has been adopting a customized and layered marketing mode. In response, Meng Fei said that different channels have different channel personalities and consumer characteristics, and custom-made channels can better meet the personalized needs of consumers. "SEEYUONG's products from different channels are actually aimed at different clients, and the research data is the basis behind our division. For example, the reason why the sulfate-free essential oil nourishing series is formulated for CS channel is precisely based on the increasing trend of sales volume of essential oil products in CS channel in recent years.  "


      What is worth paying attention to is that apart from the above five channels, SEEYUONG's channel stratification is still continuously subdivided.


        In March this year, SEEYUONG, together with Watsons and Firmenich, held a press conference in Switzerland on the trend of SEEYUONG color fragrance and the launch of Flower YOUNG Series of new products. It is reported that Flower YOUNG Series is a product specially created for "Generation z" young consumers, and is a combination of "color+fragrance+Body & Hair".


      This product combines 2019' s most fashionable and in color trend, and refers to Watsons' channel characteristics and "Generation Z" consumer characteristics according to Meng Fei . "The purpose is to let consumers express themselves with color, and we hope to establish resonance and connection between products and consumers."


        Wu Zhihui, president of Uniasia Group, once said that SEEYUONG will extend from scalp care to the creation of a fashionable and healthy lifestyle. SEEYUONG is no longer just a Body & Hair brand, but a combination of more categories and multi-brand matrices.


        It is understood that, in addition to SEEYUONG brand, SEEYUONG currently has three brand-new Body & Hair brands.


        In February this year, KEEP·Y, SEEYUONG's fragrance shampoo, was launched. it is a young fragrance Body & Hair brand, featuring a younger brand tone.  In March, SEEYUONG's amino acid fragrance shower gel Miaofu Enigma also went on sale as scheduled and is now on sale in Watsons. The new generation idol Miguel is its chief fragrance spokesperson.  In addition, there is Australian natural plant hair care brand AUSPERI who is participating in this fair.





Be an International Brand of Body & Hair for 100 Years

        "Although, China's scalp care market began to grow at a high speed in 2002 and will surpass the rest of Asia combined in 2016. However, compared with the proportion of consumers in Japan, Europe, America and other countries accepting scalp care concepts, China still has a long way to go, so it is very necessary for brands to guide and promote consumers.  " Meng Fei has publicly expressed the above views.


        Therefore, the dissemination of scalp care knowledge and brand promotion is one of the things SEEYUONG has spared no effort to do.


        Since last year, the cooperation between SEEYUONG and Watsons has been upgraded again. The two Parties have held scalp care festivals in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other cities, and jointly launched fancy marketing promotion online and offline. SEEYUONG not only realized the geometric growth of sales volume, but also realized the effective spread of brand through scalp care festival.


        In addition, SEEYUONG also specially sponsored Youku's large-scale original music website "This! Is original ",with" do not drop sound, do not drop hair "to blow up the topic of youth flow , and continue to occupy the TOP list of weibo hot search. Taking advantage of Super IP to upgrade the brand's marketing, SEEYUONG has passed on its young, fashionable and natural brand image to the public.


        In many channels, just like the parent company Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd., SEEYUONG has paid special attention to the intensive cultivation of the brand in CS channel since its birth. It is reported that SEEYUONG has achieved full coverage in CS channel layout, with more than 5,000 channel outlets.


        Meng Fei said, in terms of operation, SEEYUONG has changed from the traditional independent operation mode to unified KA management, with the top 100 chain stores in CS channel as the key breakthrough point, implementing standardized and refined management from brand image, product display to terminal promotion, and continuously strengthening the brand's continuous influence in CS channel.


       "Brand maintenance is the basis for SEEYUONG to take every step well. We should implement every little thing as demonstrated in the PPT presentation." Meng Fei said that to be a brand, one must resist temptation and loneliness. "Do not forget your initiative mind, be a champion brand" is Uniasia 's corporate culture and SEEYUONG's requirement for itself. I believe that under such insistence, China will also have a century-old brand of Body & Hair.


        Whether we say that to be a brand name for a hundred years is the ultimate goal of SEEYUONG. Then, becoming an international brand is one of SEEYUONG's goals.


        Meng Fei said that the new factory of Uniasia Group in Australia will be officially put into operation in the second half of this year. The factory will be responsible for the production of pure Australian brand AUSPERI. "This will be the first international Body & Hair brand that Australian factories put into production, and it is of great significance to the internationalization trend of Uniasia."


        It is reported that after AUSPERI goes on the market, two major cosmetics chains, Coles and Woolworth in Australia, as well as four cosmetics chains in Australia, will be targeted in the channel, covering about 3,000.


       "Australian factories will also customize and produce products for SEEYUONG to sell in the international market. At that time, SEEYUONG will join AUSPERI to take the lead in the Australian market and then enter global markets such as the middle east, Asia Pacific and Europe to start the international journey.  " Meng Fei said.