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Blispring Fashion Released, Officially Entering Oral Care Market!




On June 20, Blispring, the first oral care brand creates "Mouth fragrance” market, was officially unveiled in the new brand matrix of Uniasia. Friends of Uniasia  from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel to witness another pioneering work of cross-category development in Uniasia's new era.


In recent months, almost all Uniasia people have participated in the preparation for the birth of the Blispring to some extent. Some of them are test volunteers, some have participated in the logo voting, and some have participated in the choice of the outer packaging.


Now finally released! Is there a sense of pride in the“Early growth of our child" ~ of course, our child is not ordinary, and is known as the "little prince of innovation in Uniasia", which is a collection of myriad favors.


Blispring, a New Brand Based on Big Data Demand


"Blispring is a high-end oral toothpaste, and it is also the horn for Uniasia Group to enter the oral product field. For Uniasia, it is the same head strategic brand as SEEYUONG. Therefore, we are going for number one this time. " This is the answer given by Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group. 




Hu Genhua, Vice President of Uniasia Group


But how? In an interview with reporters, Hu Genhua revealed, "Uniasia Blispring brand is an innovative category based on big data and the preferences of young consumers."


Therefore, in his view, Blispring is a new brand launched by Uniasia with going with the flow. There is an old saying that "The times make heroes", which is still applicable in the present, especially in the present when consumer demand is escalating, the new brand is extremely important for the consideration of the times.


In this regard, Uniasia has always had deep experience and found a way to take a high-speed car instead of a lift. For example, today's breakthrough point is the manufacture of oral toothpaste and non-oral toothpaste, while the innovative oral toothpaste brand---Blispring.


As we all know, under the background of consumption upgrading and diversified consumption demand, the concept of functional washing and protection, including toothpaste category, is more popular with young consumers. moreover, in China's oral care market, where the homogenization of this category is especially serious, Blispring is the first brand in China to create the export of fragrant toothpaste by taking its favorite chewing gum as the "collision point" and further let young consumers deeply understand and identify the brand of fragrant toothpaste.




Therefore, in the market with a total oral volume of nearly 40 billion in 2019, we can sum up the listing of Blispring in one sentence: "Demand determines the market, while strong demand is the key for Blispring to open the market."


The Key Point of Breaking Conventional Strategy and Fantasy


As the old saying goes, "Military forces have not moved yet, but grain and fodder shall be ready in advance. The key role of "Grain and fodder" in the war between the two armies is well known. Shopping malls are like battlefields. To win the final victory, one must make sufficient preparations before going to the battlefields. At a time when the competition in the oral care market is extremely fierce, as a showstopper with fragrant toothpaste, Blispring brand is even more familiar with this way.


At the scene, Cheng Yingqi described the future of the brand Blispring, which belongs exclusively to Kouxiang, from the perspective of brand strategy. Specifically, there are the following two aspects.





1. As a brand required by the Uniasia strategy, Blispring has shaped its value.


In Cheng Yingqi's view, the penetration of consumers' hearts is the greatest marketing force. Therefore, Blispring = oral toothpaste and let consumers "Think with oral fragrance and express with chewing gum toothpaste" is the key point of Blispring.


For this reason, Blispring has shaped its value and expressed it in terms of color value, transmission, quality presentation and system guarantee. In addition, the Blispring also has a strategy of being in the right place at the right time.



 Cheng Yingqi, Vice President of Marketing and General Manager of Blispring Marketing Center of Uniasia Group 


2. Six Strategies Help Blispring to "Encounter Fragrance" for a New Future.


Cheng Yingqi revealed that he has three cognitions of the brand, namely, hearing the name of the product has associations, seeing the product has fantasies, and feeling after using the product.


Therefore, Cheng Yingqi has formulated six strategies to boost Blispring's oral care market. That is, to analyze the new positioning of the oral care market through conflict strategy, and to establish the value of a brand-new oral fragrance strategy;  The brand value will be improved through young, fashionable and colorful packaging design.  Through brand image, terminal image and better terminal display, Blispring brand and products will be more "prominent" in the terminal. The product is more intuitive through the addition of chewing gum particles, and the product quality is more guaranteed and more unique ...




Blispring deep research products, high quality highlights the value


As a brand-new oral category, what does Blispring look like? I believe everyone is very curious.


Zhu Qingqing, Director of Marketing Department of Blispring Marketing Center, made a detailed exposition on the spot from the aspects of brand design inspiration, technical support, product series, packaging image, product composition, etc.



Zhu Qingqing, Director of Marketing Department of Blispring Marketing Center 


According to its introduction, the rising sun of ffrom the glacier and icing of the Alpine is the inspiration for the design of the Blispring. We can see one thing or two from the ice elements in the Blispring LOGO.


The product quality of Blispring is supported by the French National Science Research Center from the point of view of technical support. In addition, Blispring is also a mouthwash toothpaste made by the international fragrance master and made of food-grade spices.


From the perspective of brand creativity, Cheng Yingqi found Ye Maozhong, the first creative person in China, and collided with the team to create a brand-new position of Blispring brand, which is different from the existing oral care brand, namely, the category of oral fragrance.




In order to enable the brand to have deeper links with consumers, Blispring not only satisfies the preferences of young consumers in packaging design and color, but also sets up two-dimensional codes in toothpaste boxes so that consumers can scan codes and receive red packets. This form not only enables the brand to have the spirit of the Internet, but also improves the participation of consumers, thus killing two birds with one stone.


"Father of Positioning" Jack Trout described in his "Ten Essentials of Trout Marketing" which summarizes 40 years of marketing practice: Category acts on commerce precisely because we determine that consumers' mental consensus is a scarce and limited resource.


Positioning SEEYUONG, a brand of silicone-free scalp care, is an excellent case. I believe the positioning of Blispring Fragrance is another pioneering work.


 " It will be the most exciting year of Uniasia in 2019." This is a remark made by Director Hu at the annual Uniasia conference last year. Now, we are making this wonderful achievement step by step!