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Meet with Meifubao at the Beauty Expo and kindly interprets the true oriental beauty


        A peaked event in the beauty sector is currently holding at Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center while people may still enjoying the 9.3 Chinese military parade. Particularly, it is heard of that all the beautiful ladies are gathered here and there’s a long queue of people standing in front of the Meifubao exhibition hall. 


        Today, as the indicator in domestic beauty sector , the 43th Chinese International Beauty Expo opens at the Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center and Meifubao - the oriental skin care method , as a domestic well-known national brand is bring the ‘Sunshine public project’ and the ‘perfect’ series product to the exhibition which attract many eyes.

Interesting breakthrough, Joyful interaction, Sunshine project aroused for attention  
        Walking into the Pazhou International Exhibition Center, Hall C, Door 15.2, the first grand hall in your sight is the Meifubao exhibition hall. Unlike most other brands, the demonstration of Meifubao focuses on the public benefit side which visitors could first get in touch with the warmth of sunshine public exhibition other than variety of products. With the creative sunshine tree standing firming on the map of China with the footprint that Meifubao Sunshine project has covered across the country. In particular, a large annular LED screen on the top of the sunshine tree is playing the project videos and those images has attracted many visitors. 


        Moreover, in today’s Meifubao exhibition hall, visitors are waiting at the queue to join the activity and winning prizes. Through this activity, visitor could gain understanding on our brand and especially they could send the postcard with love to the left behind children in the rural area. 
        Mrs Huang, one of Expo visitor and a loyalty customer of Meifubao, she stands in front of the loved card wall expressing her feeling about this brand that she has been paying attention on this brand for a long time and this is the first time to participate in Meifubao’s public activity which is quite meaningful to her, especially with its reputation and the sunshine project, she’s putting more trust on this brand now. 


        Meifubao Sunshine project in the first season held in 2015 on April 19 - July 27 and last for 100 days, across over 30 place in the country, visited 286 rural primary school with 2796 sunshine volunteer participated in the project, finally, 37084 left over children has received school bags, books and other educational supplies. Moreover, the second season has already started since 1st of September in the country and the big love journey of Meifubao sunshine project is continuing.

Brand display visualizing the oriental beauty 
        Walking into Meifubao’s special design exhibition hall which not only inherit the oriental beauty but also using the red and white color to show a bright and clean effect. For the use of Chinese style elements, from as large as exhibition hall, wall cabinet to as small as a table lamp and woodwork lattice which allows the visitor to be personally on the scene of the oriental beauty .


        As a well-known national enterprise in China Huanya's sub-brand, Meifubao present the full lines of ‘ prefect’ product to attend the Guangzhou International Beauty Expo.The ‘perfect’ series mainly includes three professional skin care series(anti-aging, whiting, hydrating), three basic skin care series(whiting, hydrating, balancing), three major categories family(sunscreen, facial mask, Foundation), and one make-up system (face, eyes, lips). Many visitor was attracted by this full range and rich combination of product. 
        Meifubao - the oriental skin care method, integrating the beauty of love and the beauty of appearance  which kindly interprets the true oriental beauty