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Speedy arrangement, Franic 3 big marketing actions open up a new blueprint


      On August, Franic new natural skin care series has launched brightly into the market which breaks the traditional pattern of the industry and consolidates step by step with a strong marketing strategy in order to seize the market share quickly.
There's no making without breaking, therefore, the new product of non-chemical seize the new blue sea
      Chemical skin care has already been abandoned by the consumer long time ago and natural skin care becomes a new trend among consumer’s expectations. According to relevant statistics, , natural organic cosmetics market scale will reach 33 billion with the huge market potential in the new few years time. Franic realize the great prospects of the natural skin care market and therefore with the strong support from Huanya research center, Franic is able to breach the technical bulwark and produce the new natural skin care series product that is based on the European Union natural organic cosmetics standard. More specifically, in order to provide effective cleansing, pure skin care products for consumers and to ensure the quality of the product from the raw material to the formula, all the natural organic raw material of new series products are selected from over 10 countries and regions across global. 


Goes right on target,  High volume of transaction made by experiential marketing 
      As a strong performer in experiential marketing, Franic keep providing the best shopping experience to its consumers and continue to upgrade its experiential marketing strategy in order to target the high volume of transaction at once. 
With the launch of Franic natural skin care series, the training for ‘non-chemical’ will start soon across the country.  It is understand that the training will not only face to the front line of marketing staffs for the updated product knowledge, but also delivery the updated and the appropriate experiential marketing strategy to every channel of the marketing. Franic would use chemical residue detection as a entry point to upgrade its experiential marketing mode and combined with the professional beauty consultation and experiential service, as well as using data to catch consumers. In the mean time, according to the channel characteristics to carry out sales promotion activity in order to seize the marketing high ground, such as supermarket channel would focus on weekend promotion while franchised shop channel could focus on the festival promotion. 


Goal-oriented, with cautious and bold channel development         
      Within the first month of the launch of Franic natural skin care series product, we have accomplished the development of over 200 distributors in such a short period of time and therefore our new product and store will cover across the country. With the high volume of new product sales, consumer has given high evaluation on feedback. This is because the decision-maker has provided a strict and precise guideline for channel strategy. In terms of the supermarket channel, we will set up about 10-20 large marketplace as key points with related key goal and strategy. Whereas the franchised shop channel would focus on develop type A and type B as key objectives. Undoubtedly, Franic pays attention to the rapid growing of its distribution channel and values the healthy expansion for its distribution channel. Therefore, the distribution channel strategy should have chosen with cautious and bold methods. 


      With 10 years experiences focusing on the area of natural skin care, the brand Franic in 2015 is fully upgraded with fast, effective and accurate. Besides, with 300 millions of advertising input and excellent product quality with precise marketing strategy , Franic is step by step towards the natural skin care new blueprint.