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YOUYA: a good brand is made by quality product, endeavor to produce best cosmetic for customers


This era is calling for good products. March 9th, on the Chinese good product conference which host by the <Cosmetic News>,  Mr. Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group was discussed the subject of ‘ a good brand is made by quality product’ with more than 400 industry peers from six different layers, for example, what is a good product, and the way to create a good product.  
At the meeting, Mr. Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group indicates that the Chinese is more on the marketing mode innovation which may not truly brings the benefit to customers , and emphasize on the quality of the product. Huanya Group always follow its goal that is ‘make the champion product and build the world-class brand’, and Mr. Hu believes in two core competitiveness of the enterprise, that is product innovation and mode innovation, therefore, without those two points, there will be no competitiveness of the enterprise.  Huanya believes that ‘good product is made from good research and development’, besides Meifubao’s ‘Chinese dreams, Chinese beauty’ , YOUYA is another brand that has innovative concept. 


Photo: Mr. Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group-- a good brand is made by quality product


Product innovation is literally patent, making patented product 
Huanya Group research center has gathered together its research team and hundreds of professionals to use hundreds of natural skin plant ingredients, as well as anti-irritation patent, composite whitening patent, and anti-aging patent into the YOUYA series product. Finally, this product is perfectly launch for the benefits of women. 
Additionally, YOUYA has announced its caviar series that is sourced from sturgeon roe in the deep sea, through ‘active cell technologies’ to extract the caviar for a smoothly effect on the skin; On the other hand, the YOUYA pink lady series is using three most advance patents for its formulation provided Korean NABION Skin care research institute.


Photo: Huanya Composite whitening pale spot patent


Photo: Huanya fine grass valley anti-aging patent


Photo: Huanya sunscreen patent--with non-irritant preparation method


Premium product is based on research and development 
The brand YOUYA is rely on the R&D strength of Huanya research center which leading by the president of the research center-Mr. Hu xincheng. With hundreds of researcher and professionals domestic and abroad building a A full range of quality barrier for the product; More specifically, YOUYA has invited the top perfumer in Japan named Mr. Mr HIROSE to create scents for the four different YOUYA products; as for the packaging design is designed by the chief packaging designer of Korean AmorePacific; Meanwhile, a comprehensive technical cooperation with Korean top scientific research center and Mr. Kin kuizhi in Korean COSEN research center in order to create best cosmetics product to customers.


Photo: YOUYA--endeavor to produce best cosmetic for customers


Photo: Huanya research center


President Mr. Hu indicates that Huanya group has invested 50 million Chinese Yuan in R & D, but about 20-30 million was government grants as they supports the innovation sector. 
Premium product itself is the best marketing  
Standard of a premium product: first is the premium quality which includes usability and safety and so on. Second is the acceptability by its consumers in the market. In 2014, YOUYA was born and earn a lots of praises, includes ‘2014 huashan Chinese beauty innovation technology brand’, ects.


Photo: Brand YOUYA--Innovative Concept for oriental fragrance therapy

A good brand is made by quality product. This is how the current cosmetics market works in China which is a opportunity for the local cosmetics enterprises. This sector is more in favor of using marketing and mode strategy to earn good names. However, Huanya would use premium products to proof its brand name.  
A good product is selected by the strict market rules, therefore, consumer loves a product and brand if it is constantly wining in market competition; Again, a good product is not based on opportunistic, but its absolute safety, functionality, and its characteristics that rooted inside of the market and consumer’s heart.