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Millions and millions of goods and resources for education assistance releases today, Meifubao 2015 ‘Sunshine Project’ is sailing again



In 2014, The reality show ‘Role exchange programs’ which in the name of Meifubao and produced by Hunan TV station has attracted many attentions from the society due to its positive features and the program has brought extensive warm and positive energy to its audiences. Meanwhile, behind the TV screen,a series of ‘Meifubao sunshine project’ public activities which passing the message of love and beauty were held in a low profile throughout the country.From December of 2013 to December of 2014, Volunteers of Meifubao sunshine project has followed the program team to Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuang, Ganshu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Xizang, Yunnan and other remote regions in China in order to deliver a total number of 1500 educational supplies to the local left-behind children. 


Photo: 2014 Meifubao sunshine project public activities scene

In 2015, the Meifubao sunshine project is sailing again,initialing the first phase of the public welfare fund ten million yuan this year, donates the ‘sunshine school bags’ to the local left-behind children. This public activities has gain many supports from various suppliers throughout the country. After a preliminary screening, 9 out of 10 suppliers has chosen to join the ‘Meifubao sunshine project school bags donation launch event'. 



It is learned that, this ‘Meifubao sunshine project’ aims to fulfill the education dreams for left-behind children. Apart from the ten million yuan of ‘sunshine school bags’, Meifubao has contacted 150 distributors, 5000 retailers, 10000 sunshine angels to carry out the ‘Meifubao sunshine project’ donation activities, bring along with distributors, local stores and consumers together in order to dedicate an effort to the local left-behind children, building a better world. 


Mr. Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group said in an interview with reporters that A good corporate citizen is not only to possess excellent business skills, but also undertakes social reprehensibility consciously, participates actively in the resolution of the social problems, and promotes the common development of the society. Meifubao Has been committed to inherit Chinese beauty, and ‘Chinese beauty should be generated positively from within the heart, and also more from the beauty of the next healthy and sunny growing generation. In 2015, Meifubao will be continued the ‘Sunshine project’ as last year, sending our original intention to the society which is passing on the message of love and social responsibility, and again starts the sunshine journey of ‘making the world a better place’. In addition, through our public activities,  we are expecting to evoke more and more enterprise and the public together to join the public welfare career.


Photo: Meifubao sunny angel


Corporate social responsibility is not just about public welfare, charity, and simple donation, but also is fountain of enterprise development, innovation and the foundation in achieving company sustainable development. Meifubao ‘Sunshine project’ is not only showing the social responsibility of an excellent national brand, but also presenting the development pattern that Meifubao is creating value with other social parties which demonstrates a greater responsibility of a national brand for its customers.